Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract 125caps

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Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract, has been used for the temporary relief of pain and stiffness caused by arthritis, and helps to reduce associated inflammation. 

Seatone is a unique extract of the cultivated green lipped mussel, found only in the clear unpolluted waters of New Zealand.
Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract is subject to a unique test of potency and purity and consequently provides you with a special guarantee of quality.  This guarantee of quality has helped make Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract the world's best selling green lipped mussel extract.

The green lipped mussel (Perna canaliculus) is an edible shellfish, which contains numerous amino acids (building blocks for proteins), essential enzymes and trace elements.  What makes green lipped mussel extract unique is the minerals present are in a balance similar to our body's blood plasma, which are naturally chelated by amino acids, making it easier for our body to assimilate the nutrients and minerals into the body.

Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract may also aid in the functioning of the cardiovascular, lymphatic and endocrine systems, the eyes, connective tissues and mucous membranes.


  • Natural, pure, easy to take and digest.
  • Can provide temporary relief from pain.
  • May help reduce joint inflammation.
  • May help make joints more mobile.
  • Seatone is gentle on the stomach


Recommended intake 5 capsules per day taken with meals.


Each capsule contains:
230mg stabilised New Zealand Mussel extract. (min 80% of capsule weight),  and Gelatine.

Seatone contains approximately 6mg of natural sea salts per capsule

Note: The strong odour of Seatone is quite normal and not a sign of deterioration


Persons with an allergy to seafood should not take this product.

Seatone Mussel Extract

About the brand...

Seatone Mussel Extract

Seatone stabilised New Zealand mussel extract contains Green Lipped Mussel dried powder. A natural anti-inflammatory which may assist in the symptoms of arthritis such as joint swelling, tenderness, stiffness and pain.

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Seatone Stabilised Mussel Extract 125caps

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