Abode Healthy Home Products Baby Laundry Liquid cap

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  • Gluten-free
Abode Baby Laundry Liquid 20ltr cap

Product Description

We all know that babies and kids have sensitive skin and reacts differently to strong chemicals of detergents. That's why Abode Baby Laundry Liquid won't do any harm to your baby's skin because it is specifically formulated with lipid layer enhancers to to clean baby and toddler clothes without any harsh fragrances, enzymes, and optical brighteners. What's great about Abode Baby Laundry Liquid is that it's ultra concentrated and requires only a small amount to thoroughly clean your baby's clothing and bedroom linens.

  • Fragrance-free
  • Grey water and septic tank safe
  • Biodegradable and pH neutral
  • Phosphate and zeolite-free
  • Suitable for both front and top-loading laundry machines
  • Can be used in hot and cold water temperatures

Ingredients: Water, soda ash, sodium citrate (food grade), sodium coco sulphate, baking soda (food grade), alkylpolyglucosides, sodium lactate (food grade), lipid layer enhancers and glycine extracts (amino acids).

ISBN: 9343188000419   SKU: 75792

Abode Healthy Home Products

About the brand...

Author of Healthy Home, Healthy Family, Nicole Bijlsma, is also the brains behind the Abode cleaning range. Her passion lies in building biology, a science originating from Germany that offers a holistic inspection of the home...

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