Abode Dish Liquid Lime Spritz 600mL REPLACE


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Abode Dish Liquid Lime Spritz 600mL REPLACE 813010

Product Description

The Abode Lime Spritz Dishliquid is a great smelling, creamy lathering liquid that has been formulated to be kind to hands and the environment but will effectively cut through grease just like the leading brands. The unique formula eliminates the need for toxic chemicals such as cocobetaine, sodium lauryl sulphate and ethoxylated and is designed to leave your dishes sparkling clean with no chemical residue. Developed using the highest quality ingredients money can buy, its concentrated formula makes it remarkably economical (100 washes).

ISBN: 9343188001485   SKU: 68105

About the brand...

Abode offer a range of natural, effective cleaning products. From laundry liquids to dishwashing powders, and everything in between.

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