Abode Wool Wash ZERO Fragrance Free


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Abode Wool Wash ZERO Fragrance Free 2L

Product Description

Developed and pH balanced for the effective cleaning of woollens and delicates. Containing natural plant and mineral based ingredients. Free from the concoction of dangerous chemicals such as phosphates, zeolites and harsh surfactants such as SLS and coco betaines. This extremely concentrated design only requires a tiny amount making it economical for the health minded consumer. Freshen up clothes without the scent with this fragrance free version of Abode's highly popular wool wash.

  • Biodegradable and grey water safe
  • Compatible for top and front loader
  • Fragrance free
ISBN: 9343188000112   SKU: 68089

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Abode offer a range of natural, effective cleaning products. From laundry liquids to dishwashing powders, and everything in between.

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