Trigenol Antioxidant Complex 30tabs

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Trigenol High Potency Antioxidant Complex

The TRIGENOL Antioxidant Complex label reads like a ‘Greatest Hits’ of the supplement world with Green Tea, Grape Seed Extract, Co-enzyme Q10, the versatile RS alpha lipoic acid, Lycopene plus another eight nutrients and vitamins to help your cells do their job.

Antioxidants are molecules which safely interact with free radicals to terminate a chain reaction before vital molecules are damaged. By adding antioxidants to your diet you will assist your body to stay in better shape and cope with the demands of modern living… demands that often include dealing with poor diet, stress, environmental pollution and exposure to chemicals etc.

RS alpha lipoic acid has been called the universal antioxidant due to its superior action as a water and fat soluble antioxidant. This means it traps free radicals in both lipid and aqueous domains, plus it has the unique ability to regenerate or recycle antioxidants from their radical or inactive forms...

If you haven’t taken an antioxidant before, look at your age, lifestyle and diet and think about trying a 2 month course of TRIGENOL…

Start helping your body to look and feel younger today!

Medicines from Nature by Ross Gardiner

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Medicines from Nature by Ross Gardiner

The natural healthcare formulations in the Medicines From Nature range are based on research, and the latest technological advances in processes including extraction, standardisation, manufacturing and stabilisation techniques. With over 20 years global experience in natural healthcare, Medicines From Nature confidently combines both modern and traditional techniques with premium ingredients resulting in excellent quality herbal and nutritional supplements to help keep you healthy and active!

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Medicines From Nature Tri-Genol Pro - 30tabs

ISBN: 9322766000409   SKU: RGTRI30

The Power of Plants

Have you ever been told to have a drink of green tea at the early signs of a cold or flu? Or to rub...Read more

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