Aqua Carpatica Natural Mineral Water

12 x 330ml
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  • Alkaline mineral water from the Carpathian Mountains
  • Natural source of calcium and magnesium
  • Nitrate and sodium free
  • Glass Bottle
Aqua Carpatica Natural Mineral Water Glass Bottle 12x330ml

Product Description

Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water is a still (non-sparkling) mineral water sourced from Bajenaru Spring in the Carpathian Mountains of Romania. Located in the secluded Bucovina region, the spring is set in a coniferous forest interspersed with jagged peaks and icy streams cutting through wildflower-covered valleys. Home to lynxes, wolves and some 5,000 brown bears, this beautiful area is the last truly wild place in Europe, far from civilisation and untouched by agricultural and industrial pollution. It’s also the source of some very special water, pure, pristine and naturally blessed with just the right blend of alkalinity, electrolytes and crisp, clean taste – just as it comes out of the ground, with no treatment, processing or additives of any kind.

Bicarbonate ions from Bajenaru Spring’s aquifer give Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water an optimal alkaline pH value of 8.2. While the overall mineral content is low, making the water perfectly safe for everyday consumption and even baby formula, it’s high in the minerals that matter: the hydrating electrolytes calcium and magnesium. Each litre contains 52 milligrams of calcium and 17 milligrams of magnesium, with significant benefits for the bones, muscles and cardiovascular system. Meanwhile, Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water is entirely free from sodium – implicated in high blood pressure and heart disease – as well as a lesser-known, non-mineral threat: nitrates.

Nitrates are heavy oxidants that generally find their way into the water supply via agricultural runoff. They’re undetectable outside of a laboratory, but they are present in many well-known bottled waters, and they can be quite harmful, especially for infants and expectant mothers: In addition to digestive distress and allergic reactions, nitrates may cause severe birth defects and blue baby syndrome. The remote location of Bajenaru Spring effectively precludes nitrate contamination, and Aqua Carpatica Natural Spring Water has been independently tested and confirmed to be free of this dangerous pollutant, making it one of the safest waters available anywhere for babies, children and pregnant women.

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Aqua Carpatica

About the brand...

Aqua Carpatica’s exceptional mineral waters come from a remote, heavily forested region untouched by civilisation and man-made pollution, and the company is dedicated to preserving the wild, natural character of the area....

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