Batlow Happles

Famous for their sweet, crisp apples Batlow have bagged the best to create Happles, a healthy fruit snack packed with the good stuff and none of the bad stuff. Sweet, crunchy, and airy-light, Happles are delicious freeze-dried fruit snacks made from 100% Australian fruit. 

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Batlow is no longer available!

Batlow have been dealing in apples since 1922, growing their famously fresh, sweet and crispy variety in some of Australia’s finest apple-growing regions. A natural progression saw Batlow create a range of fruit-derived products, Happles. More than a happy accident off the back of Batlow’s fresh-apple success, these healthy fruit snacks are freeze dried apple pieces blasted in a delicious berry-powder coating. They’re a sweet and crunchy snack with all the goodness of the...