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Bio-Medicals Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil


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Bio-Medicals Organic Tasteless Cooking Coconut Oil 700ml

Product Description

For some people, the coconutty flavour and aroma are part of what’s good about coconut oil. For others (maybe you? your kids?), Bio-Medicals offers this flavour-free, odourless option. Very gently refined from organically grown South Asian coconuts, this pure oil retains all of the healthy nutrients of extra-virgin coconut oil but won’t alter the taste of whatever you cook in it or add it to. It even comes in an innovative BPA-free bottle designed to reduce breakage and leakage. The special lid makes it easy to pour the oil when it’s liquid; if it solidifies in cooler weather, the bottle neck’s wide enough for a spoon.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil

ISBN: 0787099013394   SKU: 811801

About the brand...

Bio-Medicals began in 2002 with a small but sophisticated line of nutraceutical supplements. They’re still a fairly small company, with just nine employees and two warehouses, but even so their commitment to quality and...

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