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Bio-Medicals Raspberry Ketones


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Bio-Medicals Raspberry Ketones 60Caps

Product Description

Raspberry ketone is one of the few natural phenols. It gives raspberries their characteristic aroma, and it’s been giving weight loss researchers tantalising indications that it may be a very effective fat fighter. Two animal studies have already concluded that raspberry ketone does indeed help to prevent fat accumulation – even in animals fed a high-fat diet. The mechanism appears to involve regulation of the hormone adiponectin, which increases insulin sensitivity and is found in high levels in naturally thin people. Raspberry ketone also seems to stimulate secretion of norepinephrine, a neurotransmitter which raises the metabolic rate and thus causes the body to use more calories. Finally, raspberry ketone is an antioxidant that helps prevent free radical damage to slow premature cellular ageing. You’ll get some raspberry ketone by eating fresh, dried or frozen raspberries, but you’ll get more from these capsules: each one contains an amount equivalent to over twenty punnets of raw raspberries.

Ingredients: Raspberry Ketones

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Bio-Medicals began in 2002 with a small but sophisticated line of nutraceutical supplements. They’re still a fairly small company, with just nine employees and two warehouses, but even so their commitment to quality and...

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