Bragg Dressing Hawaiian Organic

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  • Organic
Bragg Dressing Hawaiian Organic 355ml

Product Description

Bragg Healthy Organic Hawaiian Dressing & Marinade provides a tropical flavour to salads, stirfries, meat and vegetable dishes. 

Certified Organic by Organic Assurance International in accordance with the USDA organic standards.


• Formulated with Organic Noni Fruit (the superfruit from Hawaii), Organic Passionfruit , Organic Mango, and  Organic Pineapple
• Formulated with Organic Hawaiian Ginger 
• Formulated with World’s Well-known Bragg Organic Apple Cider Vinegar® 
• Sugar-Free, sweetened with Organic Stevia Herbal Extract and Natural Fruits

ISBN: 074305033124   SKU: 436206


About the brand...

For decades Patricia Bragg, and her father Paul, have been health pioneers. When mass manufactured 'fast food' products of the science industry had gained the attention of most Americans, Paul Bragg campaigned for a diet...

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