Bugsy's Treats Pet Treats Cordy Kang Kangaroo with Cordyceps

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  • Raw, freeze-dried and functional low-fat treats
  • Hypoallergenic kangaroo meat + tonic cordyceps mushroom
  • Supports the heart, liver, lungs and kidneys
Bugsy's Pet Treats Cordy Kang Kangaroo with Cordyceps 70g

Product Description

These tasty chunks of raw kangaroo meat have been blended with cordyceps mushroom, one of the most famous super-herbs from traditional Chinese Medicine. Kangaroo itself is high in protein, low in fat and low in allergens, making this a perfect treat for pets with weight issues and/or allergies, and the cordyceps adds a whole host of health benefits. Traditionally used as a kidney tonic, these antioxidant mushrooms also fight inflammation, viruses & bacteria; regulate blood oxygenation, blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol levels; support the heart, liver and lungs; and promote immunity, stamina and recovery.

Ingredients: Kangaroo Meat, Cordyceps Mushroom

ISBN: 706502399818   SKU: 69647

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Bugsy’s Treats are made for pets, but they’re tested on people. That’s because, unlike most dog snacks on the market, they’re entirely safe for people to eat! They have none of the toxic chemicals (which...

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