Bugsy's Treats Pet Treats Moo Moo Grass Fed Aust Beef & Gojiberry

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  • Natural, nontoxic beef & goji berry treats for dogs
  • Australian raised and free from hormones & antibiotics
  • Rich in antioxidants and CoQ10 for longevity
Bugsy's Pet Treats Moo Moo Grass Fed Aust Beef & Gojiberry 70g

Product Description

Bugsy’s Moo Moo pet treats are made with organic grass-fed beef mince, livers and hearts from Australian farms. That means no hormones or antibiotics, and Bugsy’s don’t add any preservatives or other chemicals, either, making these some of the cleanest doggy treats you can buy. For extra flavour and extra antioxidants, the beef is mixed with superfood goji berries. Moo Moo treats are packed with protein, B vitamins and coenzyme Q10 – and your dog will love them!

ISBN: 706502399740   SKU: 69646

Bugsy's Treats

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Bugsy’s Treats are made for pets, but they’re tested on people. That’s because, unlike most dog snacks on the market, they’re entirely safe for people to eat! They have none of the toxic chemicals (which...

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