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Ceres Organics Sorghum Fusilli


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Ceres Organics Sorghum Fusilli  250g

Product Description

  • Gluten-free spiral pasta made from 100% organic sorghum
  • Good source of protein, dietary fibre and other nutrients

You might call these fusilli ‘pasta with a twist’ – and not just because of their spiral shape. Instead of wheat, they’re made from sorghum, an ecofriendly and nutritious ancient grain that’s high in protein and dietary fibre and naturally gluten-free. The sorghum used in these fusilli is also organically grown. Twists aside, you cook them just like regular pasta (they take 13-15 minutes to reach al dente consistency), and we at Aussie Health Products recommend them for any dish where you’d use wheat-based fusilli.

Ingredients: Sorghum

ISBN: 9415748014119   SKU: 212336

Ceres Organics

About the brand...

In 1982, some like-minded Kiwis got together with the same idea of making organic food accessible to New Zealand families. They were certain that organics was the future, and with that in mind CERES was born. That...

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