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Ceres Organics Wasabi Powder


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Ceres Organics Wasabi Powder 50g

Product Description

Wasabi is a must for many Japanese dishes and can add fiery flavour to other cuisines as well. Ceres Organics make their wasabi powder from the roots of Japanese-grown Certified Organic horseradish and 10% real wasabi, using no chemicals in the process. Because it’s a powder, this keeps better than prepared wasabi and delivers a fresher, more vibrant taste when mixed. All you need to do is blend two parts of the powder with one part warm water, then wait five minutes for perfect flavour and consistency.

Ingredients: Horseradish (Armoracia rusticana), Wasabi (Wasabia japonica)

ISBN: 9415748015703   SKU: 212524

Ceres Organics

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In 1982, some like-minded Kiwis got together with the same idea of making organic food accessible to New Zealand families. They were certain that organics was the future, and with that in mind CERES was born. That...

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