Change Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets ( Pouch)

8 Tablets

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Change Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets (8 Tablets Pouch)

Product Description

Just drop Change Multi-Purpose Cleaning Tablets in 300mL of water and within five minutes they fizz into an effective ammonia and chlorine free cleaning solution that lets you wash away grease and stains as well as ordinary dirt and grime with no scrubbing and no hazardous chemicals. It kills bacteria and other germs, too! Use it in the kitchen, in the bathroom, in any area that could do with a thorough cleansing - and if you use it in the same bottle each time, you’ll never need to buy (and throw away) another plastic bottle of cleaning fluid again.

Ingredients: Alkaline Salts, Boerol 226SA, PEG 6000, Ethylenediaminetetraacetic Acid Disodium Salt

ISBN: 9342192009029   SKU: 77509

About the brand...

CHANGE was founded on the simple premise plastic pollution is out of control. Not wanting to contribute to the sea of single-use plastic littering supermarket shelves, CHANGE was born. They do things differently with dissolvable...

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