Cheeki Bottles

Cheeki is the number one Australian maker of stainless steel beverage and food containers, offering a complete line of water bottles, vacuum flasks, and insulated coffee mugs. Their durable, environmentally friendly products are BPA-free and printed with colourful, nontoxic inks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What grade stainless steel are Cheeki products made from?

Cheeki use food grade stainless steel for all their water bottles, coffee cups, coffee mugs, and food jars. The technical ‘grade’ of the stainless steel is #304 (18/8) and has been passed as safe for storing food, hence the generic name ‘food grade’.

Do Cheeki use an internal lining?

No, Cheeki do not use an internal lining in their products. By using food grade #304 (18/8) stainless steel there is no need for an inner lining in any of Cheeki’s products. This means their products are also BPA free and will not leak harmful toxins into your food or water.

Is my Cheeki BPA free?

Cheeki are committed to providing reusable water bottles and food storage containers that are free from toxins and BPA free. Their choice of food grade stainless steel, paired with a hard plastic called polypropylene 5 for any non-steel parts of their products, ensures all Cheeki products are completely free from BPA. Additionally, any paint used on the outside of their products in non-toxic and BPA free.

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