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Coconut Magic Pure Premium Liquid Coconut Oil


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Coconut Magic Pure Premium Liquid Coconut Oil  500ml

Product Description

Coconut Magic’s Pure Premium Liquid Coconut Oil is fractionated for ease of use (it won’t solidify) and a milder flavour. The process involves removing some of the lauric acid present in virgin coconut oil, but the fractionated oil still has a medium chain triglyceride content of greater than 90%, made up primarily of capric, caprylic and lauric acids. Thus, it retains most of the health benefits of raw coconut oil: ready energy that’s never stored as fat; a stabilising effect on levels of insulin and blood sugar; brain/memory support; improved immune system and thyroid function; and many more. And the increased versatility of this fractionated oil means you can use it anywhere you want: in cooking and baking, as a nutritional supplement, as an anti-fungal skin moisturiser, or as a natural hair conditioner.

Ingredients: Coconut Oil

ISBN: 9348065000377   SKU: 67136

Coconut Magic

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Australian-based health company Coconut Magic is one of the leading suppliers of coconut-based products with a commitment to selling items that are based on quality, raw and organic coconut ingredients. The team at Coconut Magic...

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