Core Foods Australia Premium Turmeric Pickle

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  • A spicy spread made with Australian grown turmeric
  • Great on sandwiches, meats, veggies, eggs & curries
  • Conveys the health benefits of turmeric and mustard oil
Core Foods Australia Premium Turmeric Pickle 220g Core Foods Australia Premium Turmeric Pickle 220g

Product Description

Sometimes it’s yellow, sometimes it’s red, but this turmeric pickle always brings a delicious savoury heat to your food. Salads and sandwiches, roasts and curries, even eggs all get a spicy perk-up from this healthy Australian-made blend of fresh-harvested raw turmeric, mustard oil and flavourful spices. (So why the colour variation? Core Foods Australia grow two types of turmeric, red and yellow, on their Byron Shire farm – for optimum freshness, they bottle whichever is in season on the production date.

Turmeric, Mustard Oil, Spices

ISBN: 797776148226   SKU: 72850

Core Foods Australia

About the brand...

Core Foods Australia in a fresh new company beginning in 2016 with just one product, their signature Premium Turmeric Pickle. All their turmeric is fresh-harvested from the rich soil of Byron Shire, NSW, where it grows under...

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