Earths Purities Magnesium Recovery Gel Yarrow Roll On

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  • Gluten-free
  • Pure, natural magnesium from Western Australian lakes
  • Imbued with yarrow, a coolly fragrant medicinal herb
  • Convenient roll-on gel in a recycled glass bottle
Earths Purities Magnesium Recovery Gel Yarrow Roll On 50ml

Product Description

Magnesium levels in more mature adults are often suboptimal, making supplementation advisable, and Earths Purities Magnesium Recovery Gel is an excellent and all-natural way to make sure that your muscles and joints have the magnesium they need to function at their best. The potent, undiluted magnesium oil it contains is taken from naturally occurring sources in the lakes of Western Australia and blended with yarrow essential oil to give it a cool, clean scent resembling camphor. The conveniently sized roll-on bottle is easy to take with you anywhere.

Ingredients: Magnesium Oil, Arrowroot, Yarrow Essential Oil

ISBN: 0706502760922   SKU: 68530

Earths Purities

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Created from the need for an effective and natural deodorant that works in our harsh Australian climate, Earth’s Purities seeks to provide consumers with a product that not only does the job but is made from 100 percent...

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