Ecoegg Eggsterminator Scratch Free Cleaning Sponge Pack of 4

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Ecoegg Eggsterminator Scratch Free Cleaning Sponge Pack of 4

Product Description

The Eggsterminator is not just another sponge, and the secret’s in the cutting-edge ‘flex-tech’ material it’s made of. First, it’s extraordinarily durable, so each Eggsterminator will last through three months of typical kitchen use. Second, it doesn’t harbour bacteria, so your Eggsterminator won’t pick up any unpleasant odours during those three months. But the most unique part is that the Eggsterminator is temperature sensitive, changing from a firm, rough scouring pad in cold water to a soft and absorbent sponge in hot. In its firm mode it easily removes baked-on food debris and can even go beyond the kitchen for tough tasks such as cleaning grout and barbecue grills – but it’s guaranteed never to scratch any surface. Warmed up, it’s perfect for general dish washing and also makes a nice exfoliating shower sponge.

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About the brand...

Ecoegg was founded in 2008 with one product - their signature Laundry Egg – and a passion for using nature instead of chemicals to help with the chores. That passion and a keen understanding of customers’ needs led to...

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