Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover


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Ecoegg Instant Stain Remover 240ml

Product Description

Ink. Blood. Wine, coffee and juice. It’s amazing how many things can stain your clothes and upholstery – but what’s even more amazing is how quickly and easily Ecoegg’s Instant Stain Remover makes all those stains vanish. Point it, spray it, and the stain fades away without any further effort on your part. And it works for both recent spills and old, dried-in stains – on any type of fabric! As a bonus, the nature-based formula is completely free of allergens and harsh chemicals like chlorine bleach and peroxide.

ISBN: 0797776483709   SKU: 68984


About the brand...

Ecoegg was founded in 2008 with one product - their signature Laundry Egg – and a passion for using nature instead of chemicals to help with the chores. That passion and a keen understanding of customers’ needs led to...

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