Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Drink Mix Berry


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Ener-C Sport Electrolyte Drink Mix Berry  12Sachets

Product Description

Ener-C SPORT supplies the electrolytes your body loses when you sweat and needs to stay properly hydrated - chloride and minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium – in a refreshing fizzy drink flavoured with real berry powder. Also including glucose for quick energy, Ener-C SPORT is a delicious way to top off your tank, keep you going, and get you back on the road faster than ever.

Active Ingredients: Glucose from Glucose Monohydrate (800 mg), Citric Acid from Citric Acid Monohydrate (580 mg), Chloride from Potassium Chloride / Sodium Chloride (293 mg), Vitamin C from Calcium Ascorbate / Zinc Ascorbate (250 mg), Sodium from Sodium Chloride (125 mg), Potassium from Potassium Chloride (110 mg), Calcium from Calcium Ascorbate / Calcium Citrate (50 mg), Magnesium from Magnesium Citrate (50 mg), Zinc from Zinc Ascorbate (5 mg), Chromium from Chromium Picolinate (20 μg), Selenium from Sodium Selenite (5 μg)

ISBN: 873024001205   SKU: MPECSB12


About the brand...

Founded in 2015 by a pharmacist who wanted to provide a simple, natural supplement for better health and wellbeing, Ener-C makes effervescent powders that supply vitamins, minerals and electrolytes in the form of a hydrating...

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