Enviro Care Enviro Clean Laundry Powder Pre-Soaker


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Enviro Clean Laundry Powder Pre-Soaker 20Kg

Product Description

This enzyme-based stain remover makes it much easier for stains to come out in the wash. Just add a few spoonfuls to a bucketful of water, soak overnight and wash normally for enhanced stain removal. It’s non-caustic, free from chlorine and phosphates, and won’t damage cotton or synthetic fibres. It’s also safe for both whites and coloureds – just make sure to soak them separately. Try it on nappies, too!

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Enviro Care

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envirocare Earth is an Australian family business based in Perth. Founded in 1994 and now operated by the second generation, they are Western Australia’s oldest environmentally responsible retail brand and were among the...

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