Udo's Choice Fats That Heal Fats That Kill (Udos Book)

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Fats That Heal Fats That Kill (Udos Book)

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"You cannot understand how fats affect health until you understand that there are two stories: fats that heal & fats that kill" - Udo Erasmus

In Fats that Heal – Fats that Kill, expert Udo Erasmus takes an in depth look at the oil industry. Until 1987, most oil in North America supermarkets had been manufactured with shelf live rather than consumer health in mind.

Good oils were processed to the point where they were damaged. Some substances were removed, and some molecules were changed from natural health supporting to unnatural and toxic.

Learn about modern healthful oils like flax, evening primrose and hemp. This extensive subject is of constant public confusion and misinformation to the extent that it is harming people's lives.

Udo has written the book with 15-year old readers in mind and is designed to convey the truest message to the largest number of people.The book also includes some chemical diagrams for those with science background, insatiable curiosity, or those who simply like to challenge themselves.

A bestseller since it first appeared as Fats and Oils in 1987, this book is authoritative guide to fats, oils, cholesterol and general health.

Read it and you will be shocked by what you learn. Now in its' 12th. Printing!

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