Googys Vanilla Protein Shake Powder


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Googys Vanilla Protein Shake Powder  350g

Product Description

This luscious shake is made with coconut milk for creaminess, real vanilla for rich flavour, free range egg whites for 20 grams of protein per serve, and superfood hemp seeds for even more nutrition – only four all-natural ingredients altogether, and no cow’s milk or other dairy products at all. Make it in less than a minute, and enjoy it anytime you like!

Ingredients: Egg Whites, Coconut Milk Powder, Hemp Seeds, Vanilla

ISBN: 9369998007455   SKU: 69395


About the brand...

From their name to their high-protein snacks, smoothies and pancakes, Googys are all about eggs – specifically, egg whites, which come straight from the shell packed with plenty of nature’s most bioavailable proteins....

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