GutAid Dairy Rescue


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GutAid Dairy Rescue 40caps REPLACE 76866

Product Description

GutAid Dairy Rescue is designed to relieve abdominal bloating and cramping associated with lactose intolerance. Using 100% vegetarian digestive enzymes, Dairy Rescue helps reduce symptoms associated with food intolerance and digestive discomfort by aiding the digestion of carbohydrates, fats, and proteins. 

Active ingredients: Tilactase 2.5 thousand ALU, Protease 7.5 thousand HUT, Amylase 1 thousand DUAA, Lipase 100 LipU

ISBN: 9337848000154   SKU: 73368

About the brand...

Born from a passion for helping others achieve good gut health, Gut Aid was developed by sisters Alissa and Kristyn who were determined to smash the status quo in digestive health. With one seeing gut issues everyday in her...

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