H2Coco Pure Pink Coconut Water


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H2Coco Pure Pink Coconut Water 6x1L

Product Description

Pink lemonade is just food colouring and sugar, but H2Coco Pure Pink Coconut Water is really something special! The 100% natural pink colour – and the lighter, sweeter, more fragrant flavour – is produced by a blend of antioxidants and enzymes found in Nam Hom coconuts from the Amphawa area of Thailand. Much of the credit goes to this region’s exceptionally rich soil, but it helps that H2Coco choose only the best of the best sustainably grown, handpicked young coconuts – and then leave well enough alone. They don’t use concentrate and they don’t add sugar (or anything else), so you can taste every bit of the delicious difference as you enjoy this highly hydrating beverage.

Ingredients: Nam Hom Coconut Water

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Did you know that coconut water oxidises (loses freshness) when exposed to sunlight? Coconut water in clear packaging may not be as fresh as H2Coco and it certainly will not stay fresh for as long. H2Coco use Tetra Paks, the only...

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