Kombucha Wonder

Kombucha Wonder Drink promotes vitality and great health. Available in eight distinct flavours, it is made from excellent teas and healthy organic ingredients. An elderly woman in Russia shared this secret of the Kombucha culture to Steve Lee back in 1990. Ever since, he and his team of experts have manufactured this wondrous brew to benefit the health of people worldwide.

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Kombucha Wonder Drink is an experience that is meant to be savored. Its distinctive taste and sparkling tingle hints that something magical is occuring, and from every sip a sense of vitality transpires. The origin of Kombucha dates back centuries. In the spring time, wise men would come down from high in the Himalayas to gather tea in the valley below. According to a method passed down from generation to generation, the tea was fermented to create a sparkling elixir said to promote health,...