Lifebar Organic Plus Blueberry Quinoa

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  • Organic & Gluten-free
Lifebar Organic Plus Blueberry Quinoa  15x47g

Product Description

  • Naturally sweet, nut-free vegan energy bars made with raw organic fruits
  • A reinvigorating low-salt snack rich in energy, nutrients and fibre
  • Blend of antioxidant-rich berries and germinated superfood seeds

For nutrient-dense antioxidant power – and mouth-watering flavour – it’s hard to beat this blend, which includes blueberries, white mulberries, quinoa and chia among other superfood berries and seeds. The raw ingredients are formed into a bar for easy anytime eating, and some of the seeds are germinated for even easier digestion and nutrient availability. Genuine, natural and great-tasting food that gives you the energy you need with no refined sugar or artificial additives.

Ingredients: Dates, Blueberry Powder, White Mulberries, Raspberry Powder, Germinated Buckwheat, Sunflower Seeds, Germinated Quinoa, Chia Seeds, Raw Cacao Powder

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About the brand...

Lifefood have been leaders in raw/live food since 2006, when they began operating out of a small bakery in Prague. As they’ve grown into one of the world’s biggest raw food companies, they’ve kept founder Tereza...

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