Manuka Health Aid Skin Patch 1

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Manuka Health Aid Skin Patch 1

Product Description

  • Sterile dressing with medical-grade Manuka honey for minor wounds, scrapes, sores and burns
  • Soft, breathable 5×7cm patch helps keep wounds moist and won’t stick to skin
  • Flexible for ease of application and reduced friction during movement

This flexible, breathable cloth patch is imbued with a hydrogel of Manuka honey rated at MGO 400+ for its high content of the therapeutic compound methylglyoxal, which can help to soothe and heal cuts and scratches, sores and ulcers, burns and scalds, and other skin trauma. The soft, absorbent cloth is permeable to let air pass through, but will help maintain a moist environment conducive to healing at the wound site. The stretchy fabric of the patch conforms to the skin surface, even in joints and creases, and is very comfortable to wear. It’s non-adhesive, so it won’t stick to injured skin upon removal – just fix it in place with stretch bandages or medical/athletic tape, and remember to remove it before bathing or swimming.

ISBN: 9421023629190   SKU: 75979

Manuka Health

About the brand...

Unique to New Zealand MGO™ Manuka Health honey contains the vital compound – Dietary Methylglyoxal which forms naturally in the  manuka plant. The quality control of MGO™ Manuka Honey is of the highest...

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