Monster Health Food Monster Muesli Choc-Lish Muesli

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Monster Muesli Choc-Lish Muesli 405g

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Choc-Lish is inspired by the most popular type of muesli in Europe, which is the birthplace of Muesli.  Schoko Musli (Chocolate Muesli) is popular because it appeals to all ages from children to the elderly and is wheat free!  We wanted to emulate this fine muesli derived from Europe, so only the highest quality Aussie ingredients are used such as Cadbury Dark Chocolate, Tasmanian Walnuts, Australian Chia seeds and Lupin from Western Australia combined with Australian Rolled Oats.

Health Star Rating of 4.5.

Ingredients:  Rolled Oats, Chia, Lupin Flake, Linseeds, Pepitas, Cocoa Puffed Rice, Sultanas, Chocolate Chips, Oat Bran, Golden Syrup

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Monster Health Foods is an Australian family company owned and operated for more than 19 years by Kim & Trevor Lauman. The company develops and makes their own products themselves - no outside manufacturing takes place....

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