Naked Paleo

Naked Paleo founders Jen and Blake make their line of gluten, grain and dairy-free snack bars, drink mixes and granola from genuine wholefoods to make it a little easier for everyone to enjoy the paleo lifestyle by indulging in tasty anytime treats with no waiting and no regrets.

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Naked Paleo is no longer available!

Hunger pangs often herald a trip to the pantry; for the creators of Naked Paleo they also foretold the birth of their brand. When they adopted a paleo lifestyle they found there weren’t many paleo snacks to go along with it. The pantry wasn’t an option when cravings struck, so they began preparing their own snacks – first from recipes, for themselves, and then extras for family and friends. Now they make a line of paleo snack bars, granolas, and tonic mylk infusions for...