Natera Organic Hemp Protein

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  • Organic & Gluten-free
  • 15 grams complete protein plus 7 grams fibre per serve
  • Low carbs, no oligosaccharide sugars
Natera Organic Hemp Protein 400g

Product Description

This raw hemp powder is half high-quality plant protein and nearly one-quarter dietary fibre. The hemp is organically grown in Canada, cold-pressed to remove the oil, then milled and sifted to a fine powder that’s easy to blend into water, milk and smoothies. No chemicals are used and nothing is added (different to many whey and soy protein products on the market); and in contrast to rice and pea protein, hemp protein is complete (meaning that it contains every essential amino acid). A further benefit of hemp is its low carbohydrate content and complete lack of oligosaccharides, sugars found in soy that may result in digestive disturbances.

Ingredients: Hemp Protein

ISBN: 670834001056   SKU: 70047


About the brand...

Natera is a Canadian subsidiary of Naturally Splendid Enterprises dedicated to providing hemp products that are natural, nutritious and above all sustainable. Taking their inspiration from hemp itself, a plant that does no damage...

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