Natures Goodness Hair Skin & Nails


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Natures Goodness Hair Skin & Nails 500ml

Product Description

Nature’s Goodness Hair, Skin & Nails Liquid Formula's potent blend of collagen, vitamin C, silica, zinc and biotin will help promote thick, shiny hair, radiant skin and strong nails.

Recommended Intake:

Take 15mL daily in the morning before a meal. Can be added to juice or water.

Ingredients:  Water, pear juice concentrate, blackcurrant juice concentrate, silica, lecithin, lysine, hydrolysed collagen, glycerine, vitamin C, zinc gluconate, xanthum gum, flavour, yeast extract, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate, vitamin B6, vitamin B9.

ISBN: 9311968113413   SKU: NGVP185
Natures Goodness

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Nature's Goodness are an Australian owned and operated manufacturer of health and beauty products, with over 20 years experience using natural ingredients to improve your health, beauty, and wellbeing. They are also a leading...

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