Nib & Noble Organic Chocolate Mint Sauce


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Nib & Noble Organic Chocolate Mint Sauce 300g

Product Description

Nib + Noble’s organic mint chocolate sauce contains only premium natural ingredients - fair trade cacao from Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, coconut sugar for sweetness, and extract of mint for extra-fresh flavour. It’s a purer, more authentic way to enjoy that delicious mint chocolate taste on your desserts or in your drinks.

Ingredients: Spring Water, Coconut Sugar, Cacao Powder, Mint Extract, Vanilla Extract, Himalayan Salt

ISBN: 0080687510955   SKU: 67874

Nib & Noble

About the brand...

As a company, Nib + Noble begins with a love of cacao – its rich flavour and its equally rich history and culture. So it’s only natural that Nib + Noble drinking chocolates and sauces begin with the finest raw cacao...

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