Norbu The Sweet Monk

Produced by Nocelle Foods, an Australian family-owned supplier of artisan foods, Norbu is an all-natural low-calorie sweetener made from monk fruit extracts. It’s fructose-free, 96% less caloric than sugar, and has a low glycaemic index and a clean, neutral sweetness that goes well with coffee, tea, and baked goods alike.

Oh no!
Norbu The Sweet Monk is no longer available!

As Monk Norbu was outdoors preparing tea one day, a strange fruit fell into his pot. The taste of his tea then became as sweet as a sunny day! “A blessing from above”, he had spoken.  And for all, sweet days followed, along with increased vitality and slimmer waistlines. Happy and thankful followers named the sweet fruit - Monk Fruit! Monks discovered the sweet taste and health benefits of a small green melon 800 years ago at the base of the misty mountains of Guilin....