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Norfolk Punch Hearts Delight


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Norfolk Hearts Delight 750ml

Product Description

Looking for a refreshing non-alcoholic drink? Then Norfolk Hearts Delight will be a hit at your cocktail party. This natural juice contains a popular herbal ingredient called hawthorn berries and calming herbs making it a great heart tonic. Ancient Chinese and Greek folklore said that they used hawthorn berries for aiding digestion and circulation problems. Hawthorn antioxidants are known to boost heart circulation by stimulating blood flow and strengthening blood vessels within the body. Just one glass a day of Norfolk Hearts Delight can ease away heart disease leading your life to a healthy heart!

  • Norfolk Hearts Delight makes a great non-alcoholic beverage and can easily poured over ice or placed in a mixer with other cocktail drinks.
  • Do not self prescribe if you have a heart disease. To ensure that hawthorn does not interact with current medications, always seek advice from your qualified general practitioner.
  • Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should avoid the consumption of hawthorn.

Ingredients: Spring water, apple juice, blackcurrant juice, elderberry juice, infusions and extracts of hawthorn berries, thyme, chamomile, sarsaparilla, dandelion and potassium sorbate.

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Norfolk Punch

About the brand...

The Mediaeval original Monastic Recipe of Norfolk Punch contains herbs of great strength and potency, that were immersed and soaked in natural underground waters of Benedictine Monks Welle Manor Hall in Norfolk, England around...

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