Oliver's Reserve Smoke Infused Peanut Oil

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Oliver's Reserve Smoke Infused Peanut Oil  250ml

Product Description

Oliver’s infused oil is made from freshly harvested Australian peanuts, and it gets its light body and low viscosity through a natural low-temperature, low-pressure process in which impurities are filtered out with clay, not chemicals. Suitable for all kinds of frying, marinating and roasting, this versatile oil can add authentic barbecue smoke flavour to practically anything you can cook.

ISBN: 9311964000465   SKU: 76530

About the brand...

Oliver’s Reserve is the peanut oil division of Proteco Oils, a 30-year-old company operating out of brand-new, high-tech manufacturing plants in Kingaroy, Queensland. Their Australian Certified Organic and HACCP certified...

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