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Paleo Pure Organic Brazil Nut Butter


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Paleo Pure Organic Brazil Nut Butter 190g

Product Description

Paleo Pure’s handmade Brazil nut butter has a creamy texture and a delicious full-bodied taste that’s really brought out by the smidgen of pink Himalayan salt they add.  It’s a wonderful choice for dipping fruit and veg pieces, mixing into smoothies, or just eating by the spoonful. As Brazil nuts are an excellent natural source of selenium, a mineral the body needs to make thyroid hormone, this butter is also a healthy choice for anyone with low thyroid function, and selenium has other benefits such as support for wound healing and the immune system as well.

Ingredients: Brazil Nuts, Pink Himalayan Salt.

ISBN: 797776074266   SKU: 69419

Paleo Pure

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Paleo Pure’s concept of grain-free, gut-friendly organic food has been such a hit that their business has grown exponentially in the few years they’ve been on the scene. They continue to develop new offerings within...

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