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Paleo Sweets and Treats Book

Product Description

If you have a sweet tooth, then author Heather Connell has penned the perfect dessert book for you to indulge in. “Paleo Sweets and Treats: Seasonally Inspired Desserts That Let You Have Your Cake and Your Paleo Lifestyle, Too” talks about the new and trendy paleo diet where you scrap traditional baking ingredients such as flour, dairy and sugar and replace it with healthier alternatives.

“Paleo Sweets and Treats” is filled with easy-to-make baking recipes combining fresh fruits, natural sweeteners, and nutritionally dense, grain-free flours.

  • Just to give you a hint of how you can fulfill your dessert cravings, this book contains delicious recipes called: dark chocolate pot de creme with roasted cherries, sweet potato tarts, orange pomegranate cupcakes, and mango coconut sherbert.
  • A collection of paleo diet dessert recipes that are perfect for those who are health-conscious and still want to enjoy desserts, without the added sugar and calories.

ISBN: 9781592335565   SKU: BOOKPALST

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