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  • Naturally reduces dental plaque and tartar
  • Promotes whiter teeth and better breath
  • Helps prevent cavities and gum disease
PlaqueAway Capsules 120caps

Product Description

The powder in these little capsules has come a long way – all the way from the North Atlantic Ocean, where it grew as the seaweed Ascophyllum nodosum (sometimes called Norwegian kelp or rockweed). It’s been discovered that this seaweed has the natural property of reducing dental plaque and tartar, the sticky, often discoloured film of bacteria that builds up on your teeth. While the mechanism isn’t yet understood completely, it seems that A. nodosum contains certain compounds that are absorbed into the bloodstream through the intestines and then show up in the saliva of the mouth. Coming into contact with the teeth, they soften plaque and tartar and make it easier to remove. This has the effect of whitening teeth and battling bad breath, and it also helps prevent more serious oral health problems such as cavities and the gum diseases gingivitis and periodontitis. This is a very useful, very easy to use, and all-natural oral care supplement.

Ingredients: Ascophyllum nodosum powder.

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About the brand...

For their all-natural oral care capsules, PlaqueAway source Certified Organic Ascophyllum nodosum seaweed from the cold, clean North Atlantic Ocean. The seaweed, also known as Norwegian kelp and rockweed, has been shown to reduce...

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