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Rapelle Ticks & Fleas Non Toxic Talc Powder


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Rapelle Ticks & Fleas Non Toxic Talc Powder 500g

Product Description

Rapelle Ticks & Fleas is 100% food grade diatomaceous earth dry powder. Diatomaceous Earth is a poison and chemical free alternative to keeping ticks and flea’s at bay. Non-toxic, Family and Pet friendly. An excellent choice for short term problem remediation and, longer term, keeping bugs at bay with regular reapplication.

Diatomaceous Earth is the skeletal structure of microscopic single cell sea organisms e.g.phytoplankton, mined and then crushed into various grades. The fine dry powder desiccates the protective wax coating on the shell of fleas, ticks, dust mites, termites, cockroaches etc. and they slowly die of dehydration. Diatomaceous Earth has been used for many years in grain storage and agriculture to protect crops and animals. Our diatomaceous earth is tested to be of the highest food grade quality.

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