Teeccino Chicory Herbal Coffee Hazelnut Medium Roast No Caf 2.27kg

Product Description

Teeccino’s Chicory Herbal Coffee brews just like coffee and the taste is every bit as rich, but there’s actually no coffee in this blend of medium-roasted carob, barley and chicory. So instead of coffee’s gut-twisting acidity, you get chicory’s gut-improving inulin prebiotic soluble fibre; instead of a caffeine jolt, you get nourishing energy from the nutrients locked within the all-natural ingredients, which also supply high levels of antioxidants and the heart-healthy mineral potassium. This version features genuine hazelnut essence backed up by roasted almonds and the sweetness of dates and figs for a rich, smooth and very nutty beverage.

Ingredients: Roasted Carob, Barley, Chicory, Dates, Almonds, Natural Hazelnut Flavour, Figs

ISBN: 795239600601   SKU: 76320

Teeccino Caffeine Free

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Teeccino is roasted and ground to brew and taste just like coffee. Teeccino is the healthy alternative to coffee, its nutritious health benefits and natural energy boost come in 10 delicious flavours.

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