Teelixir Ambrosia Beauty Tonic Powder


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Teelixir Ambrosia Beauty Tonic Powder 100g

Product Description

The herbs, mushrooms and other natural ingredients in Teelixir’s Ambrosia blend have all been used to promote beauty for hundreds of years. They each have uniquely nourishing properties which work synergistically to raise antioxidant and energy levels, support the blood, heart, kidneys, liver and lungs, regulate hormones, enhance immunity and relieve stress. And when your bodily systems are working harmoniously within you, your body naturally becomes more beautiful on the outside, with bright eyes, glossy hair, glowing skin, and stronger, healthier nails. This mild sweet-and-sour powder can be mixed into tea, other hot and cold beverages, meals and desserts and is suitable for daily use by both women and men.

Ingredients: Goji Berries, Tremella Mushroom, Dang Gui, Longan Berry, Dendrobium, Reishi Mushroom, Asparagus Root, Hydrolysed Pearl, Schizandra Berry, Rose Powder

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Sometimes it seems like new “superfoods” are being discovered every day – but are they really all that super? Teelixir believes that the best place to find genuinely healing nutrition is in the time-tested...

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