The Jack Man Smoky BBQ Jackfruit Ready Meal


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The Jack Man Smoky BBQ Jackfruit Ready Meal 1kg

Product Description

The Jack Man Smokey BBQ Jackfruit makes plant-based cooking fast and flavourful, using all-natural ingredients to create this ready-to-eat base you can enjoy in just about any meal. Seasoned with tomato, chilli and tamarind, the Smokey BBQ flavour pairs perfectly with jackfruit’s convincing meat-like consistency. Jackfruit is celebrated as one of nature’s most nutritious foods, with high levels of fibre, calcium, magnesium, vitamin C and B6 all packed into this versatile ‘superfood’.

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The Jack Man

About the brand...

The Jack Man prioritises quality over quantity, producing premium jackfruit that has been organically grown and hand-harvested. Working with a selection of small-scale farmers in the Western ghats of Southern India, their...

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