Tri-Natural Aloe Vera Clear Jelly

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  • Organic
Tri-Natural Clear Aloe Vera Jelly 98%  100gm Pot

Product Description

Processed from the fresh leaf juice of the mature Aloe Barbadensis leaf (which is grown chemically free).

Tri Natural Aloe Vera Jelly is very effective when used for the temporary relief and treatment of:

  • burns ( including sunburn)
  • insect bites and stings
  • cuts & wounds
  • fungal infections (tinea)
  • can assist with relief from the symptoms of dermatitis

It is non greasy and will not stainclothes or bedlinen.

Active Ingredient - 98% super refined Aloe Barbadensis Fresh Leaf Juice

(Medical advice should always be sought for serious burns and injuries!)

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About the brand...

Tri-Natural started nearly 20 years ago. They were inspired by the amazing health benefits of 3 wonderful plants; Aloe Vera, Ti-Tree Oil and Jojoba Oil which now form the basis of their natural product range.

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