Upbeat Thai Curry Lentils Protein Ready Meal


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Upbeat Thai Curry Lentils Protein Ready Meal  80g

Product Description

Upbeat’s Thai Curry Lentils Ready Meal is a nutritionally balanced blend of natural ingredients that provide the protein and fibre you need without the sugar and fat you don’t – all in a deliciously satisfying meal pot that’s ready for a healthy lunch or a light dinner at a moment’s notice.

Ingredients: Green Lentils, White Rice, Pea Protein, Dried Vegetables (Green Pepper, Red Pepper, Spinach), Whey Protein Isolate), Milk Protein (contains Soya Lecithin), Coconut, Coconut Sugar, Potato Starch, Cumin, Maltodextrin, Turmeric, Garlic Powder, Fenugreek, Salt, Parsley, Ginger, White Pepper, Coriander, Chilli Powder, Ground Clove

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About the brand...

Upbeat is a young Australian company with a line of meal pots that blend the benefits of instant preparation, natural ingredients, nutritional balance and delicious flavours. Their low-sodium, low-sugar, low-fat instant breakfast...

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