Blk. Alkaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water 12x500ml

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BLK. is the first ever super water that is black in colour due to the fulvic trace minerals. BLK contains powerful electrolytes and a high pH, so once you take a sip of it, you get some serious hydration along with a clean refreshing taste that naturally gives you a boost of energy. Once fulvic minerals are processed, you get the best purified, cool water beverage in Australia. BLK Water is perfect to enjoy any time to compliment your meals or after physical sporting activities.

  • No added sugar
  • No carbohydrates
  • 0 calories
  • Enhanced with fulvic trace minerals that gives BLK. water a black colour
  • Ideal to drink any time with any meal or after a workout at the gym
  • 12 x 500 ml bottles
Blk Alkaline Water

About the brand...

Blk Alkaline Water

BLK is the brand that has taken the American market by storm and is now set to become Australia’s new and exciting mineral water that contains ancient organic minerals. BLK is not your average bottled spring water because it is the first ever pure alkaline water that contains powerful electrolytes, a high PH, and is infused with fulvic trace minerals. What you get is a drink that is like no other drink in the whole entire world because it’s considered the world’s only super water that is black in colour and completely hydrates you with a crisp and clean aftertaste. With no added sugar, calories or colours, BLK is becoming a trend setting beverage as it’s dubbed ‘The Dark Side of Water.’ So what are you waiting for? BLK is ready to show you the dark side of water by offering a crisp and smooth taste that you’ll absolutely love.

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Blk. Alkaline Fulvic Trace Mineral Infused Water 12x500ml

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