WRAPPA Yourself DIY Bees Wax Mix (Makes 6-10 wraps) 75g

Product Description

Yes, you can turn your own cloths into a convenient, ecofriendly alternative to plastic wrap – if, that is, you use Wrappa’s DIY wax bar. Regular beeswax is prone to cracking and won’t soften enough to make your wraps stick well, but Wrappa’s proprietary formulation will give perfect results every time. The process is safe and easy enough to make it a fun family project, especially as it lets you (or your kids) choose your own shapes, sizes, colours and designs.

ISBN: 0806809670693   SKU: 76488


About the brand...

Wrappa are based in South Australia, where they make their cotton food wraps by hand using locally sourced beeswax or vegan plant wax. The wraps really work to keep food fresh, and they’re also helping to keep the planet...

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