Cassava Flour

Gluten-free, grain-free, and nut-free, cassava flour is a popular substitute flour in free-from baking. In fact, many have labelled it the ultimate wheat flour substitute. A tall order, but one this easy-to-use flour stands up to quite nicely.

Cassava flour is made from the root of the cassava plant. The root is peeled, dried, and ground into a fine flour. Unlike other gluten free flours, such as almond flour, cassava flour is powdery soft and neutral in flavour — not dissimilar to wheat flour. It can also be used in 1:1 quantities when used as a substitute in baking.

Cassava is a tuberous root so the resulting flour is quite high in carbohydrates and calories. These constituents make it a valuable energy source. However, cassava flour may not be the right choice for someone following a low-carbohydrate diet. Overall, cassava flour is considered a healthy choice, particularly for gut health since it’s said to have high resistant starch content.

Cassava flour has been a staple of South American and Asian cuisine for centuries, so many people wonder whether they can easily get it in Australia. You can definitely get cassava flour in Australia, and because this gluten-free flour substitute (more on this in a second) is growing in popularity, more and more Australian brands are coming to the cassava party.

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